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String pool and Integer pool

This is a most common question generally asked during interviews, i will not be going into details but just showing some examples Continue reading “String pool and Integer pool”

A jump into Kotlin – First Attempt

I might be way too late when it comes to starting app development with Kotlin, but i thought it would still be helpful to anyone who tries it for the first time. I will try to put in as much as I can about Kotlin and probable things or functions that are different, with of course the presence of several resources on Kotlin on the web. This blog would probably focus on how to create a kotlin project covering some of the things I came across

What has changed? Probably a lot 🙂 

Continue reading “A jump into Kotlin – First Attempt”

Random interview questions

This one blog will be a little different from all the other blogs I have written. It would have a mixture of questions that i come across and sometimes I read on some sites which are indeed useful.

Anyone is free to add to this list. Just comment and let me know and I can add them. And in case there is an error in the solution feel free to correct it. After all knowledge sharing is the key to growing.

Continue reading “Random interview questions”

Constructors in java (Inheritance)

We will look at constructors and what gets called first and how the flow is when it comes to inheritance.  If there are cases that I have missed out, please feel free to comment so that I could add them for everyone else who can benefit. 🙂 Continue reading “Constructors in java (Inheritance)”

Time complexities of Data Structures

There are several different data structures or collections that we use in our daily programming environment but when it comes to dealing with 100000 of records, the amount of time taken really matters. Continue reading “Time complexities of Data Structures”

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