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There was a lot to learn from this application especially database design and also how to implement the chat logic or rather messaging logic for sellers and buyers. This application allows two kinds of users to use this application, a buyer and a seller however this application is seller eccentric, meaning it is the seller who would contact the buyers. Buyers are given options to list out the kind of items that they wish to buy with the functionality of attaching an image to the product.

The seller on the other hand, can get to see the list of items that buyers would wish to buy, and accordingly the seller can contact the buyer via the messaging option. A seller could also be a buyer and visa vi.
For the messaging functionality, XMPP was not used, simple gcm was used for this purpose.

My roles included: Assisting in the database design, and also client communication and understanding the requirements, and assisting with development and designing the logic for messaging.

Application is live on the PlayStore if you wish to experiment with it.