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I can call this app a seasonal application, since it was released with the hindu festival in mind “Rakhi – when a sister ties a rakhi to a brother”. The main objective of this application was to make it available for wearable devices too, on both Android and iOS.

The gist of the app is this: Display a list of rakhis on both the mobile device and also wearable device, where in the appreance makes you feel as if you are wearing a real rakhi on your hand in place of the watch, thus the name “Virtual”. The application also allows you to send the rakhis and share it on your facebook wall or tag friends you wish to inform the rakhi with.  

There was a lot to learn through this application, especially how to develop an application for both a mobile device and a wearable device, together with how to debug a wearable device and connect it to the system for logging purposes.

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