This is an enterprise application, and it was fun making it however, there was a lot i got to learn especially on the curves of InApp-Purchase and also offline data storage with paginations.

The idea of the application was to allow patients using this app to enter journals or notes and images to it such that the practitioners can view it without the patients having to go to the clinic at regular intervals. And the patients can view these notes either in the month view or as a regular view where each note would be in a list, the latest entry being on the top.

Since, viewing notes without internet was an important feature, we made it possible for the patients to view the already downloaded notes at a later stage without a connection. Added features included allowing users to use this app in the chinese version also, and also search for practioners around a certain location, including a selection of the city and state, with the ability to view the details of the practioner, view the ratings, and also view them on “Yelp” and request an appointment directly from the application.

On acceptance or rejection of an appointment, a notification would be sent out to the patient app, from the practioner’s application.

Some other functionalities include an auto logout feature, which handles the security of user information, a time limit which can be decided by the user. Also, a mechanism to protect app use we have a two times password acceptance mechanism.

Patient’s would be allowed to use the application for a free trial of one month, and an yearly subscription. Since it is not possible to determine if a user has unsubscribed from the subscription, there was a mechanism added in the app itself to connect to the google servers to get the same information, please note, this is not the best to do it, so if you really wish to have this functionality, you should do it from the server side, instead of increasing networking calls from the app with usage of access tokens and all.

This app is not available on the Play store, since it is an enterprise application.