This application was a POC (Proof of concept) and what I really loved about this application was the design. The idea of the application was to display a list of reviews from different sources related to the property and allowing the manager to assign the tasks to be performed to the co-workers. Advantage of such an application would be, to view all the reviews under one hood, from Zomato, TripIt, Yelp, TripAdvisor etc. instead of moving to all the sites and gathering this data.

The owners would also be able to change the theme of the application, mainly three themes were supported. And also, there was a functionality of receiving push notifications whenever the manager assigns a task to the co-worker.  The subordinates, had the functionality of commenting on a task and marking it as done, when the review was taken care of , for example, cleaning of the swimming pools.

Together with application development, we had documentation to do, which was another learning curve too.

Since it was a POC, it was not made available on the PlayStore