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This was the first application that communicated with a Low energy Bluetooth device. The beacons used were Aprils Beacon. The idea of this application was to reduce the waiting time of parents in schools. Beacons would be placed on the gates of the school, and when a car comes in vicinity of the beacon, the parent using the application would be registered on the school system, through which the principal and school admins can send out notifications to the device about an event that might take place or even about a particular class or a student.

Parents do not have to wait in the car pool for their turn but rather receive information where they are and return back home. With this functionality, the application also allows parents to add their children information and handle multiple schools at the same time, with an added feature of participating in discussion forums.

The complexity in the app was the communication or rather correctly monitoring the Bluetooth device. Aprils beacon had a lower level of transmitting frequency thus making it difficult to determine if the beacon device was in range or not, there were times it would mark the beacon out of range. But, it was thankfully solved using Radical’s beacons library.

This application can be found on the PlayStore, in its simplistic forms.