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This is a buyer seller kind of an application where in buyers are users like us and sellers are retailers. These retail shops register with the app because of which we note the zipcode and also the latitute and longitude of the location the zipcode since it would be not be in motion.

The users on the other hand are entities that can move about and register with theirpreferences, for example, I could have a user interested in nike shoes and one more interested in pizza without olives.

The idea of this app is to engage users to use this app frequently based on the amount of real data they get loke coupons or offers. When a user comes over to a mall per say and there are multiple retails shops there then he could get a notification that says there is a sale of 30% off on Nike shoes. So he would be enticed to visit the store even though he would have come to shop something else.

An algorithm would run in order to pick customers who are close to a retail store that deals with a product they would be interested in.

More information can be obtained from the PlayStore. Feel free to download it and use it.