This is one of the first longest app I ever worked on, a semi-product application. WaiterPad as the name suggests is one that would be used by waiters to take up orders, it had the functionality of selecting tables, ordering food and registering the order with a POS system.  Also, users could choose to split the dishes where possible, add in extra notes and even split bills amongst themselves. WaiterPad was also in sync with another application called eMenu which was solely for customers. Orders placed with eMenu systems would be synced with WaiterPad, and any table having an order would be denoted by a different color.

The learning curve in this application, was being able to handle multi menu systems especially when the menu hierarchy is also not fixed, and also handling the parent child levels, with the ability to search for a menu item with bilingual functionality too (Russian language).

The application also had features of notifying the waiter whenever a dish was ready to be served or when a dish was in the cooking phase. The tablet would vibrate even when from another tablet another waiter would be adding new items to a table order.

  • Multiple waiters could manage multiple orders, and multiple tables
  • One waiter could change the order of another waiter, and the owner of the order would be informed of the changes.

This is an enterprise application.