Heyaaa there!

Well, I know what makes you come here. May be you just were going through this site and you probably bumped into this page, or you were really wanting to know what apps I have worked on 🙂 :D.

I prertty much look forward to working on apps that are exiting or may be out of the way apps, also experimenting on apps that make big names or even target IoT (I guess I just want to experiment with this).

I will talk about the most complex app I have ever come across. There was alot I got to learn from it, but then unfortunately could’nt get a solution to it.  May be that is why this page is called “My Experience” cum “My portfolio”

myOpticount – Android application (create an application that makes a difference … well that was the aim though)

The other apps I have worked on are mentioned here (though they might not be in the order I mention)

Bible Pearls


Virtual Rakhi – tie your brother a rakhi using a wearable device

TCM Plum clinic patient app – practitioners just a mile away

Hospitals on the Go – hospitals at your rescue in a new place

KangaSale – make your stop a valuable destination

BiiME – one stop for buyers and sellers

myCARLINE – get rid of the car pool

CBB – Central Bank of Bahrain

WitVik – a magical name for selling and buying

OneBox – educate with technology

IIKO – WaiterPad

Insurance Application – claim insurance with proof for the reason you show

Review management system – all reviews under one hood

Restaurants Points Counter – all food courts at your service


GOD TV – The alpha course

GOD TV – The alpha marriage course

GOD TV – Rory & Wendy Alec

Life’s hope

There is hope for your life

Kid’s knowledge bank