Note: If you are living elsewhere and have to process your ePassport, make sure you arrange travel for at least a month to Kenya in order to receive your passport and yet stay relaxed. 

  1. You need to create a profile on e-citizen and register with your safaricom number, since all the correspondences if at all will take place on the safaricom number. You will need an email address and an ID issued in Kenya (of-course 😀)
  2. From the list of services provided on the e-citizen portal, click on Department of Immigration services.
  3. Click on make application, and select kenyan passport
  4. Select passport application for adults, if that is what you want, or passport application for children incase you want a passport for a child
  5. Read through the terms and mentally select the kind of passport you want to apply for (32 pages etc).
  6. Click on apply now
  7. Select your dual nationality status, and proceed with the rest of the application
  8. For application type, for renewal cases select “Replacement” even if you are applying for a renewal. Select “New” will only make you go to counter 12 of Nyayo house for updation which will take up some time.
  9. The rest of the application should be easy to follow through.

For documentation:

  1. Ensure you submit a copy of your ID card.
  2. A copy of death certificate incase any parent is deceased.
  3. If you are a kenyan by birth, good to have, a copy of your birth certificate
  4. If you are a kenyan by registration, you need to give a copy of the registration
  5. 3 invoices should be printed, you can either pay by credit/debit card or by mPesa. 2 invoices will be taken by the officer and you will be returned one invoice with the tracking number token stapled or glued to the invoice.
  6. A copy of the recommenders ID and their signature on the id copy. The same recommender details have to be filled in the online form, and also signed by them.
  7. Your old passport has to be submitted when submitting the documents to the officer at Nyayo house. Once everything is checked and verified, you will be returned the old passport that would have been punched.
  8. Print the entire application, get the recommender to sign it in the recommender’s section, and stick your photographs on the last page where we have boxes. If there are confusions with the photographs, then you can stick them when you are there.

Additional advice:

  1. Ensure you are at Nyayo house early morning to get your application done on time. People tend to arrive there by 5am. If you have friends inside the office, good for you, else you have to wait until your turn comes.
  2. There are many people who tend to benefit faster services even if they do not wait or stand in line. Some people get to apply for the passport while inside the office. So it all depends on how well you have been covered!
  3. Upon submission of the passport, you will be asked to queue up for photographs. Although you will be allocated a token, no one really follows it when waiting for the photograph.
  4. Return back to Nyayo house to get the status of collection when you receive an SMS. If you are impatient, you can visit Nyayo house after 15 working days. There is no point of subscribing to the SMS number, it does not work. Also, there is no point in calling up the officers at Nyayo house to ask the status. If you are lucky, they will pick your call and answer you, else you will be wasting your time.
  5. Additionally, you can also ask for the passport status on twitter ( If you get a reply, super good, else do not loose heart, but after 15 working days go to Nyayo house.

Important: For Kenyans living abroad, you can try to request the officers to process your passports quickly, but you might need a letter or you might need proof of your travels. Again, if you are lucky, your case will be processed, else you will just need to wait.

This blog only talks about application process in Nairobi. It is advised that you check with your country if they can now print e-Passports.