I am a Software Engineer, to be precise an Android Developer, an android enthusiast, reliable, dedicated, committed, quick to learn, self-motivated, and able to work on own initiative; not limited to android but also willing to learn new and upcoming mobile technologies with an inclined interest for IoT (The internet of things). Oh, the idea of cars talking to each other on the road just to prevent bumping into each other is just awesome, i am open to experiment on anything along those curves and also work with anything that is pretty much termed as “interesting” for me.

Specific expertise: Android, MySQL
Currently experimenting with OrmLite, Android NDK, OpenCV and GreenDao, iBeacons
Areas of interest: Android,Mobile Technologies, DBA

You could have a look at some of my apps on Google Play . And ideas and comments are welcome.

Stackoverflow Presence: StackOverflow

You can find me on LinkedIn too!

And you can visit my travel blog too !

You could also have a look at the posts here though later on , i plan on making changes to the way things are clubbed here.