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April 2016

Random interview questions

This one blog will be a little different from all the other blogs I have written. It would have a mixture of questions that i come across and sometimes I read on some sites which are indeed useful.

Anyone is free to add to this list. Just comment and let me know and I can add them. And in case there is an error in the solution feel free to correct it. After all knowledge sharing is the key to growing.

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JUnit automated testing and Android

So what is automation testing?

It is when the application or function is executed as if a user was using it and a user was initiating a call to it. For example: We could have an application that displays a list of songs, and tapping on one of them would start playing it. So, an automated test, would start the application automatically, and also display the list and perform a click and start playing a song. (It is all automated 🙂 ).

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