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March 2016

Content providers in Android

How to use content providers between applications to share data

Hi! Hope this blog finds you well and at peace!
I will talk about content providers just as my topic suggests. We all know that a content provider is used to share data with other applications. For example: Continue reading “Content providers in Android”


Constructors in java (Inheritance)

We will look at constructors and what gets called first and how the flow is when it comes to inheritance.  If there are cases that I have missed out, please feel free to comment so that I could add them for everyone else who can benefit. 🙂 Continue reading “Constructors in java (Inheritance)”

Image loading libraries in Android


It’s been a while, but then I have a list of different things to share from what all I have learnt from my lessons. I believe there are many sources out there, but this is just a brief of may be everything available (or just another quick reference). Continue reading “Image loading libraries in Android”

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