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December 2015

Use of getItemViewType() and getViewTypeCount()

Hi 🙂 !

Well, this blog is just going to be a regular blog just like every other one. It might just be simplified to some extent.

There are times we would wish to display different kinds of data periodically (or rather at frequent intervals), like for example:
– You may wish to display three rows of data and then an ad
– Or, Continue reading “Use of getItemViewType() and getViewTypeCount()”


Custom Library to Sort Objects

During my free time i thought of experimenting a little bit on a comparator code snippet that i found on GitHub (if i recall well 😉 ). Continue reading “Custom Library to Sort Objects”

Time complexities of Data Structures

There are several different data structures or collections that we use in our daily programming environment but when it comes to dealing with 100000 of records, the amount of time taken really matters. Continue reading “Time complexities of Data Structures”

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