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Screenshots & the emulator

I was wanting to take screenshots the other day from an emulator, and like a phone its definitely not easy to press the volume down button and the power button both together (it is a different thing, that i crazily tried to do 😔, but had no luck, 😂

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String pool and Integer pool

This is a most common question generally asked during interviews, i will not be going into details but just showing some examples Continue reading “String pool and Integer pool”

Please Vote, Please Vote, Please Vote!!

Please vote for the following captures!! It would be much appreciated and spread the word!

Reduce Gradle building time :)

Hi there!..

I was facing this issue where Gradle build time was way too much, and on googling some of the simple ways of reducing this, i was super happy 🙂 .

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Gradle daemon issue

There may be cases where in you might see the following error when you try to sync the android project or even use command line Gradle command to build the project:

Gradle build daemon disappeared unexpectedly (it may have been killed or may have crashed)

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A jump into Kotlin – First Attempt

I might be way too late when it comes to starting app development with Kotlin, but i thought it would still be helpful to anyone who tries it for the first time. I will try to put in as much as I can about Kotlin and probable things or functions that are different, with of course the presence of several resources on Kotlin on the web. This blog would probably focus on how to create a kotlin project covering some of the things I came across

What has changed? Probably a lot 🙂 

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Shared Element Animations (MVP)

This is a short blog describing how to create shared element transitions mostly following the MVP pattern with routers and interactors. As it might not be an amateur way of doing so, I would love to receive feedback and improvements on the way it should or rather can be done better.


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Insight into using the view “Guideline”

As promised, this is the blog talking about Guidelines inside the ConstraintLayout. It might not be as professional probably, but all ideas or corrections or suggestions are welcome.

Let’s jump to an xml example that i just created, and i will try and explain as much as i can from the xml , see below 🙂 ..  Continue reading “Insight into using the view “Guideline””

Insight into using constraint layout

This blog is just a gist of how to deal or work with constraint layout, just as if it were a small drop in the ocean. I am not an expert with ConstraintLayout but it’s just what i learnt when using it.

We begin by creating an android studio application, and add the following to the app’s build.gradle file:

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